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A man with an extremely large unit that causes female genitalia to be left looser than before, after engaging in sexual intercourse.
With a tool like that, Omar is known around town as the hole stretcher. In fact, he mounted Peggy last night and now she needs 16 stitches to stop the bleeding.
by gwilly102 April 07, 2009
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A turd, while coming out , that is too girthy for your size ass pipe hole therefore cause ones ass pipe hole to become stretched out ( ripping sensation that hurts beyond belief) to allow the girthy turd to be launched successful.

When one feels they need stitches after taking a massive dump!
Hey why Is mark walking so funny? Oh you didn't hear? He set adrift a hole stretcher after lunch and is pretty wallered up!
by Dowdy_the BBL February 19, 2017
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