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nickname for why dont we member Jonah Marais. he is thought to be a singer by day, stripper by night. this was brought up after his famous words "im quite the sex object".
hoenah is getting it tonight

hoenah is back again....
by hoenah fan August 22, 2018
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Nickname for Famous boy band member Jonah Marais. Hoenah is a singer by day stripper by night. This nickname started growing on Jonah Marais after his quote β€œI’m quite the sex object”
Hoenah is back at it again!
by Tittiesauce October 17, 2018
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hoenah is a nick name for someone named Hannah who loves boys is really outgoing and loud.She is wild and has dark brown hair but we all know she was meant to be a blonde.And love dogs she is a crackhead but a overall good human
hoenah is nuts haha "fuckin mint"
by care-bear1234567890 December 05, 2019
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