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A group of three or more hobos. The word used to describe a pack of hobos just as other things, i.e. a pride of lions, a gaggle of geese, a hobolo of hobos. As hobos often travel in groups to supply company to their fellow homeless people.
"What's that awful smell?"
"Oh, it's just the hobolo of hobos passing through town."
by Cole the awesome one January 06, 2013
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A Ricki-ism, from the Trailer Park Boys.

Variant/mispronunciation of HOBO.
"for fuck sakes shitty, take a bath or something you look like a fucking hobolo" - Ricki, TPB

"hobolo sounds more exotic! like an exotic or jaunty hobo. a hobo from another land."
by Ricki_TPB October 02, 2009
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noun. term used to describe members of the popular youth movement unfamiliar with deodorant and preternaturally obsessed with banjos and odd leather accoutrement. Distinguished by an extreme aversion to gainful employment; a close relative of the steam punk; fond of grandiose stories of "riding the rails" and "eating from trash bins" which are often traceable to parents' houses in Connecticut or the Boston suburbs.
The arrival of the hobolo population successfully cleared out the venue in a matter of moments, its acrid stench and twang extinguishing regulars' hopes that tonight they could drink easy under the watchful eyes of Steve McQueen.
by Banjo Kazooenstein April 08, 2011
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