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One who partakes in acts generally associated with the ideology of ho-dom. A term of endearment which consists of a shortening of home-skillet biscuit, usually a female teenager named Allison who likes to pick lint.
Allison- "You suck" >=)

You- "Yeah, well you're a lint-picking hobiscuit!" >=D

Allison- "Well you........suck..." /:

You- (:
by Xx$(|$$0R|-|@|\||)$xX July 10, 2010
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A person of female gender who's a poser that lacks individuality and copies someone else's traits/characteristics. One who whines incessantly and acts like a spazz which annoys people. She may also have green pimples and camel-toe. They are desperate and cling to any boy in sight who has just went through a break-up. Faux depression is very common amoung ho bisciuts.
Kim F. is the biggest ho biscuit in the world.
by Wit February 19, 2005
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A girl who sleeps around, possibly with baked goods, has no redeeming features, and should be shunned by society.
You know Brittany? She is such a hobiscuit.

You broke up? Good. She's a hobiscuit.
by KaiSaphire. December 06, 2009
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