when a person, usually a woman, gets gang raped.
guy 1: hey man, that girl is going out to lunch.
guy 2: shes about to get hit by a train
full gang in unison: YEAAAHH!!!
by broptimusprime November 12, 2010
One-Step, Two-Step, Hit By A Train

A : "I can't get the moves in this new dance !"
B : "All you have to do is think one-step, then two-step, then act as if you've been hit by a train !"
A : "I 've got it now !"
by HudsonDuster December 28, 2010
A term used when someone strongly disagrees with something someone else has said
Person 1: Hey, why kind of music do you like?
Person 2: Mostly AJR, how about you?
Person 1: I hope you get hit by a train
by John_69 August 28, 2022