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A term similar to "you've hit the nail right on the head there", only used when discussing sexual relations in a joking manner, or joking about sex. This term is normally used and abused by underage children who find sex something to joke and laugh about. Hence the term "...hit the willie on the foreskin" would not be used in a press conference.
Fiona: It's my buisness what me and John did last night, so don't ask, ok?
John: Ooh, you got naughty didn't you? You gave him a bj?
Fiona: Alright, I'm completely ignoring you now.
John: Yeah well, from your body language and the way you're acting now, I can tell you got to third base.
Fiona: *hmph*
Mike: Ah, man you don't need to be no genius to work that out, but you're pretty clever. God, them two are a dirty bunch aren't they?
John: Yeah, if she just lied and said no then we'd not have worked this out. Girls can be pretty good actors.
Mike: Thing is, she's such a devout Christian, she won't lie or steal or swear or anything.
John: Ah, mate. You hit the willie on the foreskin.
Mike: That's me.
John: Wait a sec... if she's such a devout Christian...
Mike: That would mean she wouldn't have done anything sexual like that until after marriage, she's not even 16!
John: Could we have got it wrong.
Mike: The willie is lucky tonight, I think this is another miss. :(
by ShmoofingFabsee March 31, 2008
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