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The whip dance is a modern dance where the person bends their right forearm to the left while also bending their left leg to the right or vise versa. Once cocked all the way the person person leans to the side that their arm and leg are facing. When ready the person get back into normal position by bending their legs and having their arm and fist pointing foward. At the end of the dance move some people also add the "nae nae" forming the whip and nae nae. These 2 trends, whip and nae nae, soon formed the hit song " Watch me whip".
" James can really hit that whip"
" Shaniqa can't even nae nae"
by Alpha327 September 7, 2015
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To fully extend your arm and quickly turn it over out in front of your body with a closed fist. One of the saddest but most popular dance moves of our generation.
When I heard the bass drop coming I immediately knew I had to hit the whip.
by Wowzers In My Trousers July 7, 2018
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An urban dance move that white people aren't good (again)
Markese: Yo, Mark was hitting the whip at Homecoming last night. It was funny as hell!
Antoine: Boi, you know dem white folk ain't good at our dances.
by Truther007 June 5, 2015
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