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An emerging subculture built around DJ's who have a blog with wild party pictures, do mash-ups that usually involve dirty south and/or Diplomats-related rap, wear designer jeans with retro Nikes, and inhabit a grey area between being a hipster and having "street credibility."
The DJ was on your standard hipster-hop tip... he played some Yin Yang Twinz/Take Me Home Tonight mash-up.

I can't even wear Nike Dunks anymore because I see 20 hipster-hop kids a day wearing them.
by Foxxxxxxxxxxxxxx July 19, 2005
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Hip-hop with synthesizers and many elements of electronica. But with rapping. See Hopster
She was really in to hipster-hop because she liked electronica but was trying to become interested in rap.
by Du Monee November 14, 2009
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Any hip-hop group that is popular with 20-something suburban white kids.(Odd Future, Aesop Rock).
Experimental beats and atypical lyrics don't necessarily make hipster-hop groups better than the mainstream.
by Rex Reason June 13, 2015
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