hipster bashing- an acceptable way for middle class (white) people to point out the ways in which they are superior to other middle class (white) people, esp. prominent in urban environments experiencing gentrification
You know you are truly a hipster when you are well adept at hipster bashing.
by nannylynn May 26, 2014
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When a known hipster, lacks self-awareness and makes fun of another person for being too hipster
John (a bearded, skinny jean/plaid wearing hipster walking into Whole Foods) says to Sarah, "Dude! Really? Look at that guy over there on a single speed bike carrying a case of coconut water and PBR in a vegan messenger bag!"

Sarah: "John! You are totally hipster bashing that guy!"
by hipsterme November 30, 2015
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An activity that involves pointing out the inherent snobbery and hypocritical nature associated with the hipster attitude. While everyone seems to engage in it, it is an especially favorite pastime of hipsters themselves.
Hipster: Hipsters are incredibly annoying creations of modern society.
Non-Hipster: Dude, why are you hipster bashing? You are a hipster.
Hipster: I am NOT a hipster.
by DrDefinition October 20, 2015
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