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a person that listens to older hip hop music and constantly talks about it like it its the best music EVER!!!
"hip hop hippies" are in luve with de la soul, tribe called quest, public enemy, jay z , wu tang , etc......
"hip hop hippies" refer to their prefered hip hop as "real" and " the bomb" or "da bomb". Modern hip hop is frowned upon and called "shitty" or "with out soul"
1- yo dawg what ya lisnnin to??
2- s'up , i'm lisnnin to Grand Master Flash!!!
1-you are such a "hip hop hippie" dawg!
2- watch yer mouth or i'll pop a cap in yer bum.
1- chill out

2- no you chill out
1-i'm outta here
2- i second that motion
by milenkovitch October 05, 2010
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