to physically impact someone at the hip by using the hip. It is a versatile action but can especially be used as a greeting or to show playful aggression or disagreement.
She hip checked him when he told her that chicks were weak.
by Inquiring Pen July 18, 2006
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When a man twists at the hips allowing his penis to slap against his hips. Used mainly for comic effect.
"Let me just see if my doodle is still attached. Here comes a hip check. *slap* *slap* *slap*. Yep, still there"
by NSP81 September 17, 2007
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To glance at a man's crotch and hip area to determine the size of his equipment.

Often involuntary.
"Shit. I just hip checked my Dad! Nohomo"
by hipchecker February 2, 2013
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The act of swooping in on someone flirting with someone of sexual interest and stealing the conversation away from him or her
Dude I was gonna hook up with Ashley last night, then Austin hip checked me and took her home
by dubstephata January 12, 2016
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-Performing a sudden action towards another person to test their reflexes, usually in a manner meant to 'troll' them.
-Used in hockey wherein one player uses their hip in an attempt to off balance another player in an attempt to knock them over
-Also used by the freaking plesioth from monster hunter
Larry shouted 'Hip Check!' and smacked me over the back of the head. When I got angry with him, he told me I should have dodged.
by Sasnox July 24, 2020
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The act of screaming HIP CHECK next to a random stranger in a very deep, seductive voice, then performing said action on said stranger. You then perform a quick party boy on said stranger, and proclaiming your new ownership of this "Hipchecked" stranger.
Spagett walked down the hall when he saw some fat guy. He walked beside him and said, "HIP CHECK!' While slamming his hip into this fat man. After the check, Spagett party boys the fat man, and proclaims his ownership, or says, "YOU MY BITCH NOW FOOL!"
by Buttsmex Wizzart December 11, 2008
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