The UK equivalent of drugstore makeup ... aka cheaper, non-designer brands.
this high street bronzer is not that horrible
by bub9le December 30, 2012
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One half of the V.U.C (vermont united crips), the High Street chapter is equal in ferocity and ruthlessness only to the Locust Terrace Division, the V.U.C's second part. High Street Crips can be identified by their use of the color purple as well as blue. Connected to several high-profile shootings involving rival gangs, and known to use military-issue assault weapons such as the Russian AK-47 and the German MP5, as well as suppressors, something uncommon in gang warfare.Known to have killed over 250 people.
guy 1:Hey man, you see the blue flags on those niggaz? I didn't know that there were crips round here.
guy 2:Watch out for them high street crips, they'll shoot you soon as look at you, homes.
by High Till I Die August 23, 2007
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A person, either male or female, who despite purchasing their clothes from highstreet stores, get particularly cranky if someone else has the same items as them. They may even go as far as to "ban" another person they know from owning the same item, even though its store of origin is commonly used.
"Sarah got grumpy with me because I said I wanted the skirt she had"

"Oh just ignore her, it's not like it's designer. She's such a High Street Hogger"

"Dude, where's your shirt from?"

"Wal Mart. But you can't get it, I don't like people having the same stuff as me!"

"Oh don't be such a High Street Hogger"
by Highstreetlover September 25, 2009
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A quaint and inadequate "university" building off of Robie street in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Constructed around a massive sports field where alumni sacrifice the University of Kings' College students to their pagan football gods. See also: Saint Mary's University
"Hey, what's that tiny building next to the football field?"
"Oh, it's Robie Street High."
by Dr.JoBangles January 17, 2012
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A rock\ alternative band from Brooklyn New York. They are awesome with great songs like "Love Underground," and "fatalist."
"Robbers On the High Street are sooo great, I brush my teeth to them every morning." Said David

"I know brah, I know.." Said Pater pan.
by TNT we know drama January 10, 2012
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