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It is a game invented by a couple of kids in Homestead, FL. One person goes and hides a stick (preferably a stick that is flimsy but strong), while everyone else that is playing waits at base with their backs turned to him.

Once the person hides the stick, he tells everyone to "GO!" and they try and find the stick. The person who hid the stick then tells people if they are "hot" or "warm" or "cold" depending on how close they get to the stick. The person who finds the stick and grabs it is allowed to beat the other players on the legs until the other players have made it to base. So, if you see someone grab the stick, RUN AWAY FROM THEM, and try and make it to base without getting hit (unless you like getting beat real hard with a stick).

Once at base, no one can be hit, and the game restarts. The person who found the stick now gets to hide it, also, the person hiding the stick is not allowed to be hit by the stick for that round.

Warning: This game is hella fun, especially if you are bored rednecks needing something to do!
Girl: "Let's play hide the stick!:
Everyone else: "Let's do it!"
stick-hider: "OK I hid the stick, GO!"
stick hider: "WARM... WARMER... HOT!!"
Boy: thinks to himself, "oh shit! there it is! I'm just gonna pretend I don't see the stick, then when people get near me I'll quickly grab it and BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF THEM >.< HELL YEA!!!"
by Wild_Card_and_Spiderman December 31, 2011
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