hiding pain, either physical or mental.
hide the pain
by shape lover December 1, 2021
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Harold is best known as an internet meme. He appears in many stock images relating to old guy. In every image so far seen, he can be seen with sadness, pain, and suffering within his eyes.

This cause him to be one of our generations favorite Boomer. He shall live down in history as our favorite depressed old man.
Therapist: why don't you explain how you feel to me.
Patient: I'm trying to be strong like hide the pain Harold.
Therapist: No one can be as strong as him dear.
by GrandmasThickCrunchyCookies April 11, 2020
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To put on a mask when your feel down or depressed, people think your always happy all the time and think your weird, you lose friend or gain friends, but the more shit that gets thrown your way the bigger your smile gets till your exsplode at the most miner inconvenience.
example- Aidan: your always smiling

Amber: i smile to hide the pain
by Amber Hurley March 21, 2020
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