A college drinking game, popular in the 1980s. Students would sit around watching old Bob Newhart re-runs, and whenever anyone said "Hi Bob" everyone had to take a drink.
"Hi Bob!" Drink. What kind of example do you need?
by Frasier Nutzov February 2, 2007
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A drinking game to be played while watching the Bob Newhart show. While watching the show, anytime a cast member utters the phrase 'Hi Bob', everyone in the room must chug the remains of whatever they're drinking.

(hint: the phrase is repeated many times during the show.)
After a half hour of playing 'Hi Bob' with the boys, a passed-out chad wound up with an Abe Lincoln, compliments of stan.
by victimless criminal February 6, 2007
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A greeting to any persons, visible or not. Often responded to by wtf??????
Person 1: Hey bob!
Person 2: WTF?? Are you on crack???
by Elf February 27, 2004
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