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1.- You were so bored you kept adding 'y' to the 'hey'
2.- As the 8 'y' meant hate, you wanted to know what the 9th 'y' would mean.
3.- You just typed in 9 'y' because you're so cool and stuff.
4.- You're here mostly for the 1st definition, in fact, I was here for that and that turned out to become this definition.
5.- Typing a 10th 'y' wouldn't make this any more interesting, if that is what you're looking forward to.
6.- Okay you must've been really bored to read all this 5 definitions.
7.- Imagine how bored I was that I wrote this. All of it.
8.- Stop waisting your time. Get up and do something productive.
9.- Okay I've already warned you.
10.- OMG get a life!
11.- So we meet again -.-
12.- Seriously?
13.- If you're reading this, it means you need to get a life.
14.- No, really, you should get outside.
16.- K
17.- I will find you. And I will spam you. WITH LOLCATS.
Okay this field keeps telling me that the example can't be blank and it's actually annoying me. AND that the example should include the word "heyyyyyyyyy"
by Aanoonymuus January 29, 2014
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When you try to type the word hey, but are terribly drunk. (Why? Because you used 9 y’s.)
My friend was drunk and instead of typing hey, he typed heyyyyyyyyy.
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by Higgle Dooda October 30, 2017
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