Used in place of something that was going to be said but would have been found inappropriate under the circumstances. Often in place of something that cannot be said on television, though being understood what would have otherwise followed.
Dude, I sent that guy a picture of my... Hey! Ewww man. That's just wrong.
by Spiral Ruin November 30, 2010
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the text greeting form of "hey" when someones pissed off.

The period at the end usually means you're in trouble.

Hey. is usually followed by:

"we need to talk"

or "stop using my bath sponge to wash your dick, Craig, you country bumkin shitbag!!"
Bryana: Hey.

Craig: Heyaaa

Bryana: Hey.

Craig: Um...what's up?

Bryana: What do you think.
by Specter88 December 01, 2010
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Shortened for "Hello you spit fuck, get your ass over here and let me beat your ass until the skin flaps off." Or also could be short for "Hello, get your bitch ass, punk ass, bitch made face out of here and get the coke I supplied you with, Mutha Fucka."
Hey Carlito, I'll kill you if you don't get the stuff back by midnight.
by Jackie Nol April 28, 2010
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Other than an informal way of saying 'hello', Longford shams often say 'hey' at the end of a sentence to add emotion or to emphasise something, usually a threat. Often heard in the thriving modern metropolis that is Longford. This is in the midlands of Ireland, hey!
awh, sham I'll bate the face a ya if ya go near my bjore again, hey!!!
by bjore de change April 12, 2009
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It means "we argued and I fucked up but this is me trying to be all cute and start a new conversation"
The lowercase "h" mento to be less harsh and the "." At the end is ment to seem like you are saying it in a mopping way.
*le after big argument*


We good?

by Let's be real April 28, 2016
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The word you say when you say hi to people
"Hey Leah, whats poppin atchyo' crib? Is Chris J&&danny h thurr?
by laurenweedsmoker F. June 20, 2006
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A word that stops you from sounding like a nerd always sayin' hello. It is only used by people with lives.
Nerd: Hello friend.
Person with life: Hey shut up you nerdy person. GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY!! And im not your friend!!!
by I SEE YOUR WEENUS!!! LOL November 02, 2006
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