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A term to describe someone that has slept with everyone.

A combonation of Herpes, Gonorrhea, Syphilis & A.I.D.S.
Dude, she's she been around so much she's got herpegonnasyphilaids!!
by Huntedbear February 25, 2005
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Herpegonnasypthilaids refers to any type of drugged up whore, who is skankier than your usual drug-hoe. She's generally been pregnant more than once but due to her nastiness has lost every baby. She refuses to bathe and has an odd smell. She likes to steal things from gas stations . And your wallet. If she has kids she'd probably pimp them out for drugs too. She at one time was attractive but the drugs have aged her 10 years and made her teeth fall out. she will sleep with girls even though she doesn't like them like that.
Alex: wow shes got a killer ass

Tom: she has herpegonnasyphilaids.....

Alex: wtf is that?

Tom: The dirtiest kinda hoe you can get. I mean YOU WILL GET AN STD. you'll probably get a contact high too.
by LadyFoxyLove August 07, 2009
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A combination of Herpes, Ghonnoreah, Syphilus and Aids. Can be contracted from simple physical contact with a Barci. Will give you a case of horrific acne with simultaneous explosive diarrhea. Also causes compulsive lieing and eating. There is no known cure.
I heard you caught herpegonnasyphilaids, when did you see Barci?
by Jorge Barcenas March 16, 2008
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