1) a person who is pretty but is also a ditz
2) a person who is so pretty everyone who sees them becomes helpless
3) a person who is naturally pretty without any help from makeup or products
A) she's cute, but I realized she's just helplessly pretty after having math with her
B) "I can't even talk when I'm around her!" "No one can, she's helplessly pretty"
C) she might look good with all that makeup caked on her face, but I'm helplessly pretty.
by Hoopsi September 26, 2013
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A public behavioral display of dissatisfaction in result of not getting your way or losing. Known to most mature, logical adults as a temper tantrum. This behavior is typically performed by spoiled toddlers, screaming helplessly at the sky has more recently been recognized in toddler-like adults suffering from Myrectis Hurtsaloticus Syndrome.

WARNING: Screaming helplessly at the sky (individually or in large groups) may cause uncontrollable laughter in reasonable adults and confusion in toddlers.
What do you mean Donald Trump won the election? That's impossible because I voted for Hillary! What's an electoral college? He's not my president! I feel so helpless. I know, I'll scream helplessly at the sky until I feel better.
by Dr. Sheepdog February 01, 2020
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