either you wanted help, or you typed "hello" wrong
1. gguysy hellp mke epalse!!
2. "hellp my friend"
by transdisciplinary August 26, 2021
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"Assistance from Hell", where the would-be "Good Samaritan" ends up just causing massive damage and/or making the situation worse with his well-meaning but ineffective/bumbling/destructive attempts to assist or rescue someone.
A classic example of Archie Andrews' demonstrating his high-strung kind-heartedness which usually ends up being nothing but "hellp": ignoring his elderly school-principal's vigorous declining protests, Archie repeatedly attempts to assist Mr. Weatherbee to get his yellow Volkswagen Beetle started, but ends up just completely wrecking the car and frightening Mrs. Weatherbee into a total frenzy.
by QuacksO May 09, 2013
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