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1.A word that I made up after hearing my friend say awesomespectacularness.
2.Means cool,awesome,or any similar word.
3.Can be used in sarcasm to say that something sucks.
4.Can be used in place of any noun.
7.Similar to "hn,feh,etc."
ex 1.Lexi:Awesomespectacularness!!
Me:No,its hellawickedness!
ex 2.(sees a sword)
ex 3.(Just got shot)
ex 4.Lexi:What is that?
Me:Its a hellawickedness.
ex 5.Me:That's a hellawickedness fire!
ex 6.Me:I'm gonna do some hellawickedness fighting.
ex 7.Lexi:I'm bored...!
Me:Hellawickedness.I don't care.
by Kai Lai June 04, 2007
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