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When one person farts into the mouth of another person, usually while receiving a rim job.
I was not enthused when Benny suggested we try a helium tank.
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A term used to describe a woman who can expel air through her vagina with so much force, she's capable of blowing up a balloon by doing so, it's not recommended you pop said balloon afterwards, unless you wanna risk having the smart of a front butt fart hit your nostrils
Amy is a total helium tank, I don't know how she does it, but that broad is talented!
by Metallicajunkie September 30, 2018
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then your smoking (weed) with a gb (gravity bong) and you completely fill the inner water bottle with smoke
daaaaaaaamn that’s a fat ass helium tank
by indian sexburn dude August 28, 2018
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