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Where the larger of two lovers unknowingly dozes off while plastered overtop of the smaller one, either because he is exhausted from a long day and/or the recently-completed bouncy-bouncy with the smaller person, or he simply feels so drowsy and contentedly-relaxed with the other person's warm-fleshed presence pressed firmly against him that he can't stay awake. Extra points if, the next time he sleepily stirs, he actually becomes aware that he is squashing his companion underneath him, and so he rolls gently to the side so that he can still snuggle right up against his fellow canoodler but is no longer resting his entire ponderous bulk on top of said unfortunate "human mattress". Even more kudos-points if he also firmly arm-wraps the "underneath" person as he re-positions himself back down onto the bed, so that he rolls the other person right over with him and thus maintains the heavenly warm skin-to-skin contact with his cuddle-buddy in the process.
Huge marshmallow-hearted guy: I am so glad that Tiffany is fairly sturdy-figured, since I usually drift off into a heavy slumber after we make love and/or we give each other a soothing after-shower snuggle-massage.
by QuacksO July 04, 2018
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