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a small country town full of rude boy wanna be's who say they are going to beat some one up to the person and then pussy out at the last minute to make their self to look hard when they are clearly not.
rude boy "oi caffa wanna fight then"
person "come on then"
rude boy "im gunna fuc**** nut ya"

person.. messes up the rude boys face

rude boy.. starts crying and makes up rumors the next day that he beat the person up when they clearly didn't

thats a heathfield pikey!
by heathfieldisfullofidots October 01, 2011
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The opressive hell hole were are forced to attend every day! There are some cool people there who make up for the people who are two pickles short of a big mac! Do u fo shizzle ma nizzle?
Mrs Martin smells of pickled monkeys penises!
by The crazy one February 29, 2004
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