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1) The soothing euphoria that washes over one
just after they take a gnarly bongfull of some
sticky icky West Coast chronic endo bud.

2) An enlightenment attained by a new understanding or epiphany.

3) The namesake of Headchange Records - Long Beach Ca based
record label, recording studio and website specializing
in Long beach music, punk rock optics and hats.

Origin: As a quality check of questionable weed, heard on
National People's Gang national tour circa 1988, somewhere near Washington DC (see example).
2 Tone, "Is that herb getting you high?"
Professor, "Yeah, I think I got a headchange".
by Elder D June 22, 2007
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the point at which one feels a definitive change in his or her behavior and equilibrium from the effects of a drug (most commonly in reference to marijuana)
nah, he's a heavyweight, he can blaze mad and not even get a head change
by Luchidizzle September 25, 2004
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When you are smoking weed, the head change will occur when you first feel the effects of marijuana. You are not high yet, but you're getting there. Usually the effect of smoking too little weed will result in a head change. A slight difference, but you're not high\, yet. The head change effect will wear off fast and result in wanting some more herb.
-there were too many heads on that blunt.
-yeah, i got a head change, that's it.
by Dominique West September 28, 2007
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A head change is not simply the point in which you notice you get high. A head change can only be felt by a sworn toker who smokes every day and has been smoking so long they really don't get high anymore. A head change can be achieved by simply exhaling most of the oxygen in your longs and taking a huge bong rip. The lack of oxygen and presence of marijuana smoke gives you a type of head rush in which a vast majority of experiences can ensue. It is sometimes unpleasant and shaking can occur. A true smoker enjoys this head change and will look for it at the end of every hit.
Derek: :Exhales:
Bong : "Bubble bubble bubble bubble bubble bubble bubble, shuuuuuu, bubble bubble bubble."
Derek: :Exhale:..........
Joe: Whoa that was a huge hit you got greedy you bastard.
Derek: :Shaking:
Derek: oh dude I just got the craziest head change.
Joe: I know I saw you shaking I'm glad I took the bong from you.
by ChickenMasquerade July 21, 2009
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The feeling one experiences when a noticeable form of intoxication is present in ones mind. This change in the head could be from smoking either marijuana or tobacco.
Man I smoked a Kuba and got some serious head change.
by OG Pueblo September 26, 2007
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