(Def. 1): A popular method of intimidation in ancient history; where the winning army cuts off the heads of defeated soldiers, impaling them on a pike or stick to demoralize and frighten the conquered people. It was also used after an execution to make a public example of the consequences of breaking the law.

(Def. 2): A metaphor describing retaliation or punishment for another's wrongdoing, or public outrage against an individual or group for the same reason.
After the BP Oil Spill; many Americans would like to see Tony Hayward's head on a stick, myself included.
by Dr. Claw August 18, 2010
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To render a person immobile by severing their spine.
We use to do it to captured enemy during the war to keep them from escaping --- a talking head on a stick.
by jojowashere April 10, 2009
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To sever the spine to render a victim unconscious or a "head on a stick"
I prevented the victim from escaping by making him a
"head on a stick".
by Lexigore June 4, 2006
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1. Slang, noun;

Any variation of the male penis, erect or otherwise.

2. Slang, adjective;
Used to describe the drunk uncle that crashes Christmas dinner and is usually the only one still smiling at the end of the evening.
Ex. 1.
The cheerleader's eyes widened when she gazed upon the Varsity Quarterback's bald headed giggle stick in the back seat of his father's Oldsmobile.

Ex. 2.
That bald headed giggle stick, Uncle Eddie, drank all the egg nog!
by LeeWay1974 December 5, 2019
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