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1) Banned substance detected in LA Dodger's left fielder Manny Ramirez's system which led to a 50 game suspension in 2009.

2) Abbreviation for "Hot Cum Gargle". This is the original definition popularized in the Northern New England area by the college punk band, The Donny Conley's, circa 1990.
I didn't have money to pay the lady taking the toll so I offered her a HCG instead.
by Larry Tiita May 14, 2009
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Hot Coder Girl. A hot girl who can code computer launguages.
"I started talking to this girl online. She can code PHP"
"Is she hot?"
"Yeah! She's a HCG"
by HCG May 21, 2005
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"Holy Christmas Grenade" is used when you see a very beautiful girl nude, it's also used when you see a girl you really like.

The word was created sometime after the year 2000, unknown who made it, it's just rapidly became a common expression.It means "Beautiful suprise present" Holy=Beautiful Suprise=Grenade and present=Christmas, as these words are somewhat associated with eachother.

It's most often used by guys, but the girls are starting to catch on too.
1)A beautiful girl walks into your room, wearing a bathrobe, nothing underneath.She opens the robe.

The Guy:"HCG" or "Holy christmas grenade"

2)A girl you like walks past you

The Guy:"HCG" or "Holy christmas grenade"

3)If you're talking to some friends about a girl that flashed you:

Friend #1:Did anything happen?

You:She HCG'd me

Friend #2:No way...
by Brian B January 10, 2005
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