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a small school in hazard, ky where the principal's name is happy and the majority of the teachers are chain smokers. of the 300-so kids there are about 20 non-white kids in the school. most of the kids grew up together and are smokers and drinkers. the principal is known to play cards with the kids at lunch as well as provide alcohol to all the major parties. students enjoy in-school-suspention and make it a game to get paddled by the principal (note: principal opens the blinds to his office when he paddles regulars so the students can enjoy the show) hazard has a very strong rivalry aginst perry county central to the point where we can no longer play aginst them. despite all this, we somehow remain top 10 in the state test scores. go figure.
there should be a study on alcohol and tabacco raising the iq a few points. its the only way to explain hazard high school's test scores...
by dandydo April 16, 2009
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Small school in Hazard, KY where it is kept crunk.
#1: You're switching to PCC?
#2: Eeef eeef cuz! HHS fo' life! We ride spinna's and keep dem clean.
by spizzle February 08, 2005
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