Hayes Grier is the brother of Nash Grier. All the girls will fall for him once they look right into his eyes! Him and Nash are all over vine. He has over 787.K followers on vine! Hayes Grier is PERFECT!
by Daydreamingdimples01 January 11, 2014
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Jenna's Future Husband, also known as the hottest person on this planet. He also has over millions of followers on Twitter, Instagram, and Vine. His brother is the famous Nash Grier.
by sexy cameron dallas nash grier February 19, 2016
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He may look like an angel to you, but to me he is my daddy!
Hayes grier is hot as crap!
by Nashtyhas June 16, 2015
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(Hayes Grier) is Skylar’s future boyfriend and will be her husband they will meet and instantly fall in love he is a kind hearted and amazing guy he is very sexy and every girl is on him but he never gives in to them because he knows his one and only is Skylar
Omg that’s Skylar’s bae (Hayes Grier)

Look how hot (Hayes Grier) is
by Chelsea7 August 26, 2019
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Hayes Grier also known as Anja's future husband is 16 and he is popular vine star. He is also an actor, he has his own tv show and he released book. Hayes loves to play with his puppies Zan and Hugo in free time and he also loves to spend time with his squad in LA. But when It's summer holiday, he is on family farm in North Carolina with Tez, Anja and others.
Are Hayes Grier and Anja still together?

-Yes, they are rlly cute couple.
'I love Anja so much, she completed my life. I am so happy that I have her. It's difficult because of the distance and language, she is from Europe and that's pretty far away. But we can do everything when we are together. My family and friends rlly love her. We are seeing each other for 9 of 12 months in a year I think. She is coming here and I am going to her. We will break the distance when she becomes part of Grier's family. She is person that completes me and I love her.' - said Hayes Grier in one of his interviews.
'Yes, he is the one. Hayes Grier is person that makes me happy everyday. It's tough. Even If I speak English very well, sometimes I forget some words but Hayes Grier understands me. We will break the distance one day. I love him and his family so much.' - said Anja in one interview.
by anjagrier December 26, 2016
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