An arab term meaning 'life.' But used in an affectionate way usually towards someone who means a lot to you. The urdu or hindi equivalent being 'jaan'
Massari: inta hayati..inta habibi...
Non-arab: awesome song, but what the hell is he saying?
Randomer: go urban dictionary it fool!
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arabic word that is equivalent to the english word 'life'.

inta hayati... inta habibi...

(you're my life... you're my love...)
by ^LadY_RaiN^ September 22, 2011
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An Arabic word that means "my life", also commonly used as a term of endearment. Urdu and Hindi have adopted the Arabic word with similar meaning. Also equivalent to Hindi/Urdu "jaan" (Arabic origin word as well), and Farsi "joon" (also Arabic origin word).

Pronounced: ha-ya-tee
Terms of endearment examples:

Rami: "Layla, I love you habibte"
Layla: "I love you more hayati"

Fares: "Did you hear Haifa's new song? "
Sarah: "No hayati, is it good?"

Literal meaning example:

Marwa: "Myriam, are you really going to marry him?"

Myriam: "Yeah I love him, it's hayati, and I'll do what I want"
by Lebanese Bebe September 13, 2016
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An Arabic word with pretty meaning in another way of definition , hayati is beautiful girl with gorgeous, fit body . Her fair skin surely attract people to attach her. Soft spoken person with a warm heart. People oftenly use the word to describe cuteness and love. Hayati and habibati.
by Pichy December 26, 2017
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literally means: my life's mother's pussy

what it actually means: fuck my life. used to express intense frustration at unfortunate life events. has a sarcastic undertone but mostly to mask the real pain. also just generally satisfying to say. mostly popular amongst egyptians but used by all arabs. there are other derivations such as: "kos okht hayaty" - meaning my life's sister's pussy, and also FML.
"i'm failing my courses, kosom hayaty"
"kosom hayaty why are so many bad things happening to me"
"i wanna die kosom hayaty"
by ashlake June 17, 2021
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