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An arab term meaning 'life.' But used in an affectionate way usually towards someone who means a lot to you. The urdu or hindi equivalent being 'jaan'
Massari: inta hayati..inta habibi...
Non-arab: awesome song, but what the hell is he saying?
Randomer: go urban dictionary it fool!
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arabic word that is equivalent to the english word 'life'.

inta hayati... inta habibi...

(you're my life... you're my love...)
by ^LadY_RaiN^ September 21, 2011
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An Arabic word that means "my life", also commonly used as a term of endearment. Urdu and Hindi have adopted the Arabic word with similar meaning. Also equivalent to Hindi/Urdu "jaan" (Arabic origin word as well), and Farsi "joon" (also Arabic origin word).

Pronounced: ha-ya-tee
Terms of endearment examples:

Rami: "Layla, I love you habibte"
Layla: "I love you more hayati"

Fares: "Did you hear Haifa's new song? "
Sarah: "No hayati, is it good?"

Literal meaning example:

Marwa: "Myriam, are you really going to marry him?"

Myriam: "Yeah I love him, it's hayati, and I'll do what I want"
by Lebanese Bebe September 12, 2016
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An Arabic word with pretty meaning in another way of definition , hayati is beautiful girl with gorgeous, fit body . Her fair skin surely attract people to attach her. Soft spoken person with a warm heart. People oftenly use the word to describe cuteness and love. Hayati and habibati.
by Pichy December 25, 2017
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