A highly intoxicated person. A name for someone who's still going strong or drinking themselves under the table.
He's fuckin' a hawse!
You ain't no hawse boy, you a pony.
by Hammuddddd November 16, 2006
a being of extreme physical power and intellect. often confused for gods...demi god would be more acutate. in fiction kryptonians and sayains are often based on real world hawses. it is tbought zeus odin and lugh were all based on a hawse.
did you see what he did? he must be a hawse....amazing.
by lugh-el April 4, 2018
When you get way more fucked up on tequila than you originally planned
I don't wanna get hawsed tonight. - Jon
by eddieTHEeagle February 8, 2015