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The belief that autistic children are more advanced than other children
The doctor diagnosed my nephew with autism,. Personally, I believe it's hautism cuz my nephew's brain works much faster than mine.
by Aliza Amihude November 02, 2006
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The inherent sexiness of autistics; a condition, comorbid with autism spectrum disorders, of being possessed with rampant and uncontrollable sex appeal.
Caiseal Mor's dreadlocks and elaborate imaginary worlds excite and arouse me; he's got high-functioning hautism.

Amanda Baggs is a hautism self advocate; I like a woman with convictions.

Did you see the love scene in Mixed Bloods' "On the Spectrum?". So hautistic.

We decided to piss off that quack Andrew Wakefield by having a hautistic love-in on his front lawn.
by FrenteLiberaciondesFreaks January 26, 2012
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