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"those little dogs dressed in small, chic,designer duds"

"petite-like pooches with pampered fur, or wearing faux fur"

"a weiner dog in a delicate decorated, designer carrier, designer purse, or fashionable outfit like its owner"

"a dog with the savoir faire unlike other dogs, dressed to the nines, pampered like a person, and fed the finest food."
"Some pets these days are really so oo la la: getting all chic and stuff. They are haute dogs and they don't even know it."

"I have a friend in retail and she got a regular customer who travels, dressed in Burberry and and all her babies decked out with her.It's so much check with HER and the haute dogs sometimes, it's one big blur.

"Sometimes I think these haute dogs get prepped and powdered like babies. One day, like one's gonna escape and run into a rabid pit bull, and realize omg, I gotta face it out of the purse: in the real world!"
by Writah' October 20, 2008
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'Haute hotdogs': hotdogs/ chilidogs that have exotic mix ingredients (e.g. nuts, raisins).
New products marketed as massclusives, like haute dogs are for the experience consumer.
by hammer---;, hytham May 03, 2007
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