To hate <something> with a passion is to really hate it fully, as opposed to greatly disliking it.
Hitler hated the jews with a passion.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 14, 2004
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hate with a passion comes from the passion of jesus. if you hate someone with a passion that means you hate them so much that you are going to crucify them.
Weird kid: "Will you be my friend?"
You: "I hate you with a passion."
Weird kid: "Oh no!!!! I'm being crucified!!"
by motter4life November 10, 2004
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to hate someone with an immense and extreme anger to the extent that they would take pleasure in their death and/or pain.
by Annie December 30, 2004
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Term used by Americans to denote utter discontent with a subject or matter.

Usually not used in a serious tone of voice; generally followed by a waving fist.

More flagrant form of aiyah
Sets blame on others rather than self; complement to I hate my life

The expression is said to have been derived from Brazil, of which native Brazilians threw passion fruits at foreign explorers in the 1700s.
No! School is starting tomorrow. I hate it with a passion!

In fact, if I had a fruit to launch...
by 881 January 24, 2006
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You hate something so much that you are passionate about hating it.
Bob Dylan's music sucks...I hate it with a passion!!!
by Mark Hollander September 27, 2005
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To have a passion of hate for someone.
hate them so much.
Passion; A strong feeling for a person or thing.
by BlatesURpimp April 30, 2009
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To love or to like immensely. The normal “I hate you” means the exact opposite, however when added with “with a passion” at the end it’s symbolizes something more.
Significant other: *sends something funny*
Recipient: Omg I hate you with a passion😭!
by Themanman1 November 21, 2021
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