Someone so irritating that they are constantly on your mind in the way that a crush would be. They might even turn up in the odd fantasy.
Sarah Jessica Parker bugs me so much it's almost hot -- she might be my hate crush.
by Quentin Grey April 29, 2009
Having such a hate for someone that you start creeping on their Facebook to see what they're doing as if you have a crush on them. Most common in Ex's. For example, Checking your boyfriend's ex's page repeatedly to see if her pictures are prettier than yours or if she's seeing anyone or if she's talking to him.
"Did you see that she's in an "open relationship"? What a skank. I have the biggest hate crush on her.
by heycoolguy1 August 21, 2010
When you have a crush on someone one day and hate them the next. It usually rotates day to day, week to week, month to month etc.

Also done days you see them add cute and sometimes ugly.
Girl 1: I totally have a hate crush on this one guy at in my class.

Girl 2: A what?

Girl 1: Hate-crush, when you like and dislike someone at the same time.
by Whattareyoudoing December 9, 2016