1. A totally useless piece of shit that does nothing
2. A desperate grab for attention
3. Something that people think will do shit, but it doesn't
Timmy is a complete fucking moron for thinking hastags do shit
"Hello im a complete idiot for thinking that someone will help the poor from using hastags"
by magnifecent December 15, 2015
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A hashtag that has outlived its usefulness, either by irrelevance or by attracting too much spam to continue on a decent conversation. A combination "has-been" and "hashtag".
Man, #imabelieber is such a hastag. Only trolls and creeps tweet with it now.... not true Beliebers.
by AwwwwPuddin November 8, 2013
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A hashtag abuser is a person who uses the hashtag incorrectly like instead of # they put * love the Hashtag don't abuse it! The hashtag is #Awesome
Why u such a 'hastag abuser" hashtags are awesome!!
by #Beautiful August 3, 2014
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