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That geeza joe is a hartwell
by Hurtwell April 5, 2018
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Think of the best family ever to live, and triple their greatness by fourteen
My family sucks i wish a hartwell
by SHOOK GRANNY IN DA HOOD October 28, 2017
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Hartwell is the town in Georgia that is closest to South Carolina. There is absolutely nothing to do in Hartwell. The biggest attraction is a Walmart and the ghetto and sketchy backroads.
Dude, I'm going to Hartwell, Georgia.

Wtf, why would you do that?

Going to chill at Walmart.

by lmcgee1 March 21, 2009
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can be super nice at first, but then he will break your heart, like he did to jainey: good at baseball. tall,funny, and cusses alot. very confusing.
person 1:did you see judson hartwell yesterday at baseball practice? he was hitting homers!

person 2: ya, but did you see him break jainey's heart yesterday?
by volleyball girl 8 December 28, 2019
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Walter white is an fictional character in the breaking bad universe. He is a science teacher that started making methamphetamine (mdma) He lives in 308 negra arroyo lane albequerque New Mexico 87104. He started making methamphetamine, because on tv he saw that he could make a lot of money of it. He is the one who knocks. His real name is Bryan Cranston. He killed many people while he was making mdma.
My name is Walter Hartwell White, i live at 308 negra arroyo lane albequerque new mexico 87104.
by Odeez March 9, 2022
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Sophie Hartwell is a shy person when you first meet her, but when you start to get to know her, she is a very interesting, loyal person. She can be very sensitive sometimes over the silliest of things, but she has a kind heart. All Sophie Hartwell thinks about is love. She can fall in love very easily, and is usually attracted to hot, sensible, smart, kind, funny and loyal boys. She has lots of friends, but can get into arguments easily but she will always try to make up for them the next day. If you know a Sophie Hartwell, be loyal to her because she is a very nice person to be friends with
"Oh My God! It's Sophie Hartwell! I love her so much!"
by Kittielove737 July 26, 2022
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