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The act or action of asking someone something so many times that it defies the most complex form of nagging and becomes harrassment.
First time:" Hey are you still jamming out? You should play sometime"
Second time:" I heard your still playing, I want to hear"
Third time" " You still haven't let me hear you play"
Two-hundred and sixty-seventh time: " Hey-"
Victim: " Quit Harrasking me!!"
by HeySpike July 22, 2008
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'unintentionally' asking someone about an event or situation repeatedly, to the point that it becomes harrassment. Frequently used when the questioner is looking for an update or favor when they must know deep down that your answer has not changed since the last time they asked you...
Classic examples of harrasking questions are:
"are we there yet?"
"are you done yet?"
"are you sure....?"

by Attain March 12, 2008
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