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Meaning to touch children. Coming from the old english constructs
har: meaning children
greaves: meaning touch of the groin
Did you hear of that guy who was caught performing hargreaves.
by Ro-b-ert January 17, 2009
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may also be referred to as 'hardcheese'. a typical male teacher (not necessarily geography) that has pungent breath, awful taste in shirts and ties. Enjoys trying to convert his pupils into the 'real world' by drumming it into them that without a geography qualification, life is a mere existence! tends to get mixed up when shouting at a pupil for example: " sorry well...get out....where are you going? sit down im sorry i find ya ya do that in your own house i dont think you do.....if you wana graze get in a field.....expletives!!!!" he is a man who should not be approached for help as he needs it more himself. if anyone spots a hargreaves or a hardcheese then report them instantly to the authorities and get them locked up in a mental institute. try and avoid calling them hardcheese because they react badly: "im not a person!!!"
Have you seen that new teacher who needs a tic tac for their breath? He stinks and all he does is go mad! He talks out of slightly the wrong hole! What a hargreaves! or That teacher's a right hardcheese..always going off his head and asking for my day book to write home to bill my parents for the broken door handle!
by Jason Snape June 24, 2004
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the biggest noob ever all he does is suck major donkey dick.. he likes it hard in the ass when he hangs with his friends
Dude that hargreaves is taking it pretty hard at the gay strip club
by gdudesk8r January 01, 2011
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