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1. Any object that is abnormally hardcore or simply majestic in every way imaginable.
2. Any person that can be described with the aforementioned adjectives.
3. A tag that defines many of the maps in Halo Reach. This does not coincide with the first meaning however; this is a tag that simply means that the map exists and is played by many people.


1. A word to describe the hardest of hardcore things.

{note: using the superlative forms of hard, i.e. harder, hardest, one can amplify the amount of hard shinzo used to modify the word they so choose}
1. Mark: "By golly, this pizza that I am placing into my face is very god-tier."
Bob: "Incorrect, my good friend. I am afraid that the pizza that we are now both placing into our faces is not god-tier, but hard shinzo."
Mark: "The hardest."

2. n00b: "lolololol chuck norris is sooooo ritechuss."
Guy with Sense: "I whole-heartedly disagree. Although Chuck Norris seems to be 'righteous', it is in fact a clever ruse. Everyone knows that Andrew Jackson, seventh president of the United States, is more hard shinzo than Chuck Norris ever could be." (note the usage as an adjective in this example)

3. Clever XBOX Live Vagrant: "It appears that this map is very widely downloaded. I will simply put this tag here and hope that everybody laughs at my cleverly placed joke. laugh."
by CountGlenn March 01, 2011
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