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happy farm

The organic farm at the Plum Village Zen Buddhist monastery in Southern France. Legend has it that this farm was named by somebody who erroneously thought the term "happy farm" was common slang for a mental institution which

was supposed to make the name funny. Actually, "funny farm" is super commonly used to refer to mental institutions while "happy farm" is just the title of a very bad Chinese video game. (Note that "funny farm" has about one hundred times more votes on Urban dictionary than "happy farm.") Really crazy people are considered "funny" because they do things like poop in unusual places, yell at squirrels, and make wierd twisted faces at strangers, so a place with a lot of them is a "funny Farm." Nobody who has been to an actual mental institution would call it a "happy farm," more like a suicide suite.
Have you eaten any of the tomatoes from happy farm, they taste so zen. Too bad they didn't name it funny farm, then the name would actually be funny.
by TalkinBonobo January 12, 2018
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"there were about two or three times there I would have sent you off to the happy farm"

"I'm praying sergeant that you and I have ended up somehow on the same happy farm together " WW3 1982
by lillyteet September 25, 2012
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