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The clumsiest homo sapiens to exist yet very cute, seducing, interesting and fun to be around. You're lucky if you have a Hannani as a bestfriend and girlfriend because she knows how to cheer people up on their gloomy day and boost their mood. If Hannani loves you then you're very lucky so don't break her heart because you'll be sorry for the rest of your life. Very strong and independent.
Person 1: "Why do you love her? "
Person 2: "Simply because she's Hannani."
by lilbabychick December 29, 2017
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Hannani is a kind-hearted girl,smart,can be agressive sometimes,helpful,have many ideas and many more..
Girl1:I want to be like Hannani ..
Girl 2:Me too..
by Hnz.n December 30, 2017
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a really cute girl with a bright attitude and a really stunning smile! might be a bitch sometimes but overall she's just gorgeous
i saw Hannani just now... wow she got me stunned she's the definition of beauty with brain!
by wowowowowowowkke April 22, 2018
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