Method of waiting within an intersection until the traffic light turns red to make a left turn. Very common in Los Angeles, where there are no left turn signals and often no breaks in oncoming traffic. Apparently legal by necessity in some areas.
Tourist drivers frequently don't understand the LA hanging left, and will sometimes wait through several cycles before making a left turn, often prompting honking and road rage.
by beverlyfreakinwhite May 2, 2009
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Opportunist drivers who illegally follow a "hanging left" driver through a left turn at an intersection. Illegal, since it entails entering an intersection on a red light.
Sometimes it feels good to honk at the hanging left trailers.
by beverlyfreakinwhite May 2, 2009
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When someone attempts a high five, handshake or other physical contact greeting and the other person does not reciprocate, leaving them looking foolish with their hand in the air.
Robert tried to high five John but was left hanging.
by torka January 28, 2015
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