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when a womans vaginal lips are massive and hanging down all floppy. Like a ham, hanging
Person 1: so howd it go wiv dat lass last nite?
person 2: ah man i was gna but i couldnt find her entrance coz of her gnarly hanging ham
by My name it is... i dont know September 23, 2008
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n. The low hanging, fleshy flaps found on a vagina that's had too much of a pounding. Otherwise known as Meat Flaps or Beef Curtains
God damn, that bitch has some serious hanging ham
by Poggo September 05, 2008
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(1)A term used to describe a female with exceptionally large labia.

(2) Noun. A fat pussy with massive fanny flaps

"Barry's mum was beautiful in her youth but now she's a proper hanging ham"

"I saw chantelle in the club the other day. She was looking radiant"

"She might be buff, but legend has it that she's got hanging ham"
by Charles the Bald August 20, 2008
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