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she is bffs with nititty and is dating the the cheesiest goober ever joshington. she has lots of friendos but her knee hates her oh and we can’t forget about the metal rods in her back. running is funning!!!
hey looks there’s a hanal mahoener over there next to the nititty and joshington
by vikkicashmoneyyyyy September 16, 2019
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an occurrence of anal intercourse where the penis is only half-inserted into the anus.
"I didn't have any sex this weekend!"
"Well, you did have some hanal."
by BRE1337 November 01, 2009
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Strategically hateful anal sex (consensual).
-Hey Tess, do you reckon eating a burrito before a rave is ok?
-Nah dude, unless you’re going to have some hanal.
by Pusillanimou$ May 18, 2018
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