a quite normal place in london that receives an above average amount of stabbings a year, it is in the middle of west london near fulham, white city, shepherd’s bush and ladbroke grove.
person 1: don’t go to hammersmith broadway at 4-5:30pm it’s way too bait
person 2: let’s go fulham broadway instead
by wassabiproductions April 19, 2020
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"what was ur biggest mistake?"

"Applying to hammersmith academy"

"what skl do u go to?"
"hammersmith academy"
"im so sorry"
by jiafeiisqueen June 8, 2022
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Over analyzing an explanation
Or idea to the point of exhaustion. To be an expert Hammersmith is to think way beyond what was intended. Doing it naturally. Hammering out a concept until it is smashed to smithereens. You have to keep hammering it home to the Hammersmith.
When you encounter a hammersmith, usually social workers... be frank, don't be too descriptive, and DO NOT use metaphors!
I said that I mean (...) No you hammersmith'd it!
What i said was (...)
Oh, you said (...)
Dude, quit hammersmithing it!!'
by Sonnyboi October 4, 2014
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