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contrary to the other definition (written by someone who's clearly bitter and doesn't know how to spell), the hamden high boy's hockey team is the definition of class.

after 20 years of hard work and never-say-die attitudes, the boys have brought the state championship back to the town where it deserves to be and deserves to stay.

not only that, but they did it all with class. so much class that even teams they beat were rooting for them to win the championship...and that's exactly what they did.

way to go boys!
you ALL deserve it more than anything!!!

hamden's proud of you!
number one baby! 20 years later, hamden hockey is back on top!
by hamdenhockeyfan March 21, 2009
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to summon the deffination of these dushebag athletes from the scum of the earth town of Hamden, Connecticut.. basically play their game very physical and in the long run it gets them no-where. if i do recall the High School Division I State Championship in 2006, the coach of Hamden High School decided to put in a FRESHMEN goalie over a senior goalie ( who once played for the very team they were facing ) who's last high school hockey game it was.. well this sad little man let by 3 goals .. and one was scored when the lil bastard wasnt in the net because of the Hamden High's coach call to pull him out.

When the Dragons lost to the Notre Dame Lancers..4-2 their 'MVP' speared one of his own players and because of his frustration, although the Lancers never threw any cheap shots in the game they still walked out with the victory. opfcourse the Dragons Cheering Section was furious that they lost to a school they probably didnt even know existed, so pissed off they threw a FISH on the ice. as the Notre Dame Lancers screamed 'SHOW SOME CLASS'.. they celebrated their victory over the Dragons.

Over all, the Hamden Hockey has always been taught to play physical, and it shows how much it pays off for them.. when they are sitting in the box for throwing a dirrty check.. we get the odd man rush.. and put it behind the net. Thanks Dragons.

On another note,
Hamden Hockey Players are known to be very short tempured. Screw with them one or both is bound to happen..

1. they will go after you and make it HURT
2. they go after you then get thrown in the box or even out of the game

which brings me back to an original point.. that is how the meadian of the goals are scored on the ' BIG GREEN '
Theres always a spot open in the penelty box for Hamden Hockey
by britttney April 22, 2006
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