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(noun) Any act during Halo (1 or newer) play that could mark an individual as an asshole during game play, especially while playing online.

Notable acts to warrant this title may include the following:

1. the use of an aimbot
2. a server operator kicking off players that they feel are better then themselves.
3. a server operator closing a server before the end of a game, especially when it is evident that he/she is doing so to prevent another player from wining
4. using the terms pwn or noob during game play
5. Obtaining a majority of your kills via spawn kills, especially when a player repeatedly kills (in quick succession) the same player intentionally.
6. Using the position as server operator to anyway increase your odds of winning.
7. Complaining about the use of equipment, weapons, or vehicles during a game (overuse, unfairness, etc.)
8. The use of vulgar or otherwise inappropriate language either during game play or in the user name.
New001 was a Halohole, he was definitely using an aimbot.
by mcandp2 August 05, 2010
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