Handsome man ,full of kindness and smart,goodlooking also the best ever friends.
Wht's perfect mean? "It's all about halim
by 💆 December 27, 2016
A man with an incredible intelligence and the most amazing sense of humor. He learns fast and is extremely proud of it. He is also very good looking and is predisposed to be a soccer legend. If you find yourself a Halim, never let them go because you will regret it.

Also, never put them in the Age zone.
A: Halim is a very wise man.

B: He is also very funny.
by Big Em’s November 21, 2021
Halime is a sweet girl, with very sexy dimples and a girl who's not afraid to send nudesss 😉
Omg I love halime
by Masonmurray11 March 2, 2017
Someone who is incredibly ugly has weak social skills and cannot interract with people properly. Also, someone who likes "mula b and louis" kind of music and is really obsessed with this (and incredibly ugly)
Wow , did you just pull a Halim on those girls? They run away from you within a second.
by Aj kinghalim February 24, 2017
1. Foreign Servant Boy (FSB) or pleb

2. Nuisance to existence
That guy in the red flannel is being such a Stanley Halim.
by Krisehtee June 30, 2016
Such a sweet guy, loving and sometimes his ego is beyond of control.
Muiz halim
by Wawwaw December 29, 2017
the mudda beeeeeeeeeep fucker from the CCC who fucks your ass from tree to tree

P.S He masturbates and ejaculates alla time inna german class hehehehehee!

fun to annoya alla time hehehehehe
"muhawahahahahaha is a masturbating gay fag"

"Why youuuuu little!!!!"