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1. A person half one race, and half another. Often very attractive, sometimes believed to have superpowers.

2. A way to describe anything half one thing half another.
1. With a white mother and a black father, Barack Obama would be classified as a halfzie. This supports the attactive, superpower theory.

2. As opposed to being half full or half empty of milk, the glass is halfzies milk.
by eed258 January 09, 2009
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Someone that is or does something half/fully retarded, mentally handicapped, foolish or stupid. Pretty much some one REALLY DUMB AND IGNORANT!
Someone that is most likely a Mcturdle.

List of known Halfzies-
Paris Hilton and Perez Hilton
George Bush
AL Gore and People that believe in Global Warming
Don Vito
Anyone from the Hills/90210
Ron Weasley
Kelso (from that 70's show)
Michael Moore
Carrot Top
Jessica Simpson(Sexy halfzie though)
People that are Inbred
Randy(My name is earl)
Chris and Peter Griffin
Mike Tyson(Also Crazy/Savage)
O.J Simpson(should write a new book called "If I was a Halfzie")
Probably You Are Too...
Woooow... He doesn't even know how to construct a proper GB Nevin is such the halfzie!
by Gee Wells February 02, 2009
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